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Unit 2: Believe it or not
Lesson 2 and 3
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Unit 2: Believe it or not
Lesson 2 and 3

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  • Homework check: relative pronouns
  • New  lesson: 
  • Practice speaking

Lesson goal: after this lesson, your speaking skills will have improved even further!

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Relative pronouns
Use: We use RP (betrekkelijke voornaamwoorden) to refer to people, things and animals, places and to indicate that someone or something possesses something 

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We use this RP to refer to people 

This is the man who always walks around town with a paper bag over his head.

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We use this RP to refer to animals or things.

This is a picture of our dog, which we recently adopted from a shelter.

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This RP may sometimes be used instead of who (for people) and which (for animals/things). 

I loathe people that / who constantly make fun of others.

The speech that / which my classmate gave at the graduation ceremony was brilliant.
Geen komma in de THAT zin!

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This RP is used after a preposition (voorzetsel)

The guy totally ignored with whom he was engaged.

The country from which I originally come is at war.

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We use this RP to indicate that someone/something possesses* something else.

Whose money is this? 

* translation verb: bezitten

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Homework check
Make exercise 16 on page 32 of workbook and exercise 20 on page 33 of workbook.

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New! Lesson 3
See page 28 of textbook for different expressions

Why do you think we practice expressions? 

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New! Lesson 3

We'll do a listening exercise first, to get used to these particular expressions. 

Open workbook, page 34, exercise 22. 

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New! Lesson 3

Now you: exercise 23. Use expressions from boxes A-C and make conversation. Information about what to book where, see below exercise!

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Exercise 27 on page 36 of workbook.

I will not be here Wednesday! So it's homework for Monday the 23rd. 

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