1.1 Calculate perimeter and area of triangles & rectangles

Tell me two truths and a lie about yourself!
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MathematicsLower Secondary (Key Stage 3)

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Tell me two truths and a lie about yourself!

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Calculate perimeter and area of triangles & rectangles

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What is a triangle?

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Triangle: a definition
A triangle is a closed, 2-dimensional shape with 3 sides, 3 angles, and 3 vertices. A triangle is also a polygon.

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What is a rectangle?

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Rectangle: a definition
A rectangle is a 2D shape that has 4 sides, 4 corners, and 4 right angles. Opposite sides of a rectangle shape are the same length, with one pair being longer than the other pair. If all the sides of a rectangle were the same size, it would be known as a square.

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What is the perimeter of a shape?

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Perimeter: a definition
The perimeter is the distance around the edge of a shape. 

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What is the area of a shape?

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Area: a definition
The total space taken up by a flat (2-D) surface or shape of an object. 

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Perimeter: Introduction

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You will need:
  • Clip board
  • Pencil
  • Squared paper
  • a device with a camera
  • 30cm Ruler, metre ruler, tape measure/trundle wheel
  • A maths partner

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  • find 5 triangles
  • find 5 rectangles
  • sketch the triangles and rectangles
  • label the perimeter of the sketches with your measurements
  • find small, medium and large triangles and rectangles
  • use the ruler, metre stick, trundle wheel and tape measure
  • photograph each triangle and rectangle

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Triangle and rectangle scavenger hunt

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See you in 15 minutes!

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What was the largest perimeter of a rectangle that you found?

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What was the smallest perimeter of a triangle you found?

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Connection line
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Miro Board

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Success will lok like this!

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Perimeter and Area

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Finding the area of your rectangles!

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What is the area of your largest rectangle? Show your working out!

Slide 24 - Open question

Area of a triangle

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What is the area of your smallest triangle? Show your working out.

Slide 27 - Open question

Explain how you find the area of a rectangle using only words.

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Explain how you find the area of a triangle using only words

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I don't fully understand this yet...

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I feel very confident about...

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