Lesson 6 Section 1 How do religions use art?

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The teacher of Islam

Slide 2 - Open question

The teacher of Judaism

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The teacher of Hinduism

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The teacher of Christianity

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The teacher of Buddhism

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Page 11
  • Activity B: nr 1. What does the story mean?
  • Activity C1:
    which qualities? 

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Lesson objectives
I know and I can interpret religious symbols.
  • I know and I can explain 5 religious symbols.
  • I can identify and compare various religious symbols in art.
  • I can argue why religious symbols are used in art.
  • I can explain how symbols can help people worship.

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1. Which religious symbols do you know?

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2. What does the colour red mean?

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3. Which holy places do you know?

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4. Which religious activities do you know?

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At work
To do:
  1. Read page 16 – 19
  2. Knowledge check page 16 (fill in the answers in lesson up)

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Knowledge check
1. What is a halo?

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Knowledge check
2. What does the colour white symbolise in Christian art?

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Knowledge check
3. Why are some men shown wearing beards in religious art?

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Knowledge check
4. How is the Buddha shown to be fearless in art?

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Knowledge check
5. Look at the picture of Ganesha on page 18. What sort of head does he have?

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Knowledge check
6. Can you see a mouse at Ganesha's feet? See if you can find out why it is there.

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Ask 1 question about something you didn't understand yet

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The God Ganesha
Jesus puts the middle three fingers of his left hand together to represent the Trinity
a symbol of divinity
God's love
a symbol of a religious teacher

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Name 3 things you have learned this lesson

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