5.2 The Arab Empire expands

5.2 The Arab Empire expands
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5.2 The Arab Empire expands

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What do you know of the Islam?

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The student can explain how Islam was founded:
  • The role of Muhammad
  • Why Muhammad had to flee Mecca
  • The beginning of the Islamic calendar
  • The role of the caliph
  • Where in the world Islam was the main religion in the 7th and 8th century
The student can explain how Christians and Jewish people were treated in Islamic territories.

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The Arab empire
  • In the 6th century, the Arabs believed in many gods
  • In Mecca, you had the Ka'aba: the centre of religious life. The Arabs worshipped their gods here. 
  • Mecca was located on a crossroad of trade routes. It was an important trading city. 
  • Many people, including merchants, travelled to Mecca to visit the Ka'aba and pray to their gods. 

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A vision
  • Muhammad was a merchant from Mecca
  • In a dream, he received a vision/revelation: an angel told him there was just one god: Allah. People that get messages from God are called a prophet
  • Muhammad told people in Mecca about his dream, but the managers of the Ka'aba were afraid that the rise of this new religion would be a threat to their wealth -> pilgrims would stop coming if you could only worship one god at the Ka'aba. 
  • Result = Muhammad had to flee from the city. He went to Medina in 622 (Hijrah). This is the beginning of the Islamic calendar. 

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In what year do we live according to the Islamic calendar? 

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Back to Mecca 
  • With a big group of his followers (Muslims), Mohammed returned to Mecca in 630. They were successful and seized the city. 
  • Many citizens in Mecca became Muslims
  • The statues at the Ka'aba were removed. Only Allah was allowed to be worshipped in Mecca. 
  • Muhammad's revelations are recorded in the Quran 

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Relation with Jewish and Christian people
In the newly conquered territories lived Jews and Christians. What happened to them when their land was conquered by the Arabs?

  • Jewish and Christians were allowed to keep practising their own religions
  • They had to pay taxes to the Muslim leaders
  • They were not allowed to carry weapons
  • They were not allowed to marry a Muslim woman
  • They were not allowed to carry out certain jobs

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What belongs to which religion?

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Learning from each other
  • Through their conquests, the Arabs collected a lot of information. 
  • Medicine and health: the Arabs learned you can prevent a lot of illnesses with good hygiene
  • Mathematics: the Arabs learned that with the numbers 0 - 9, calculations are much easier than with Roman numerals 
  • Geography: Arab scholars collected and combined knowledge of the world and made better maps. 

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