Lesson 27: Project Future city/Own festival

City of the Future
Create your own festival
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time-iconLesson duration is: 50 min

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City of the Future
Create your own festival

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Goals & planning 
At the end of this series you can present your ideas in your own words (In visuals and writing)

What was it about?/Looking back (3min)
Do you remember the 5 steps? (5 min)
Get to work on steps 3 and 4 (25-30 minutes)
Round up (5-10minutes) - Share an idea

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What was it about? - lesson 2
What: Create your own festival or your City of the Future
Why: Critical thinking, skills practice, fun
How: In pairs, work together, writing, drawing, pictures, research
Time: 3 lessons - Rest at home
Help: Internet, partner, me
Outcome: 'Presented' in class - market style
Finished: You can't be today

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Step 1 - Write along
Go online and search for ideas. 
Log the usefull websites in your work document

Exc: https://www.nationalgeographic.co.uk/cities-of-the-future
Exc: https://bloomerang.co/blog/festival-planning/

Finished: Check

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Step 2:
Discuss with your partner what 10 items/places/things you really want to have in your idea.
List those ideas

Finished: Check

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Step 3
For each of your items/places/things write a description between 60 and 100 words

Describe: Appearance, use, why it's important, costs, etc.
Help: Look at your example sources. Use the as inspiration BUT use your own words!
Start: Today
Finished: First version today

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Step 4
Draw a map or a drawing that sets the mood for your idea

Put your items/things/places in and number them clearly  from 1 to 10

Start: Today or next lesson
Finished: Next lesson or at home

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Step 5
On your next sheet or the back of your drawing put the descriptions of numbers 1 to 10. 

Please check English and whether the information is still correct

Hand in your complete work: Tuesday 5th of March

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I will be walking around for questions and coaching. 

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Round up
  • Share your best idea(s) with another pair
  • Listen properly and take notes (Hand in at the end)
  • After 2 minutes you will find another group and tell what the first group told you in 30 seconds. 
  • I will ask several groups what they heard and what they think about it afterwards. 

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Don't forget to hand in or send notes  of the round up

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