McB act 1 and 2

- Macbeth: act 1 and 2

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This lesson contains 11 slides, with interactive quiz, text slides and 2 videos.

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- Macbeth: act 1 and 2

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MacBeth- act 1 and 2
PDF with the text

This is the a pdf with the full No Fear Shakespeare and original text side-by-side. 
No Fear Shakespeare

Not just the text, but also a discussion of themes, characters, and a summary

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What do you remember?

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Act 1 and 2
ACT1: setting the scene
ACT2: prepare for the mess to start

Themes: prophecy, guilt, ambition

Next slide: opening (modernised retelling) of the play. Let's see how it all begins.

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Act 1: Reader
- how do you feel about the witches?
- are they speaking the truth?
- what do they want?
- what should MacBeth do next? 
- and what about this Banquo 'lesser but greater' thing? What does it mean?

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- after returning Mr. M gets the Thane of Cawdor title!
- King Duncan comes to the castle for a victory party
- Lady M tells Mr. M that he is a big softie and he should kill the king
- after dinner at night... 

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Read Act2 (fragment)
- how do you feel about the relationship between Mr. M and Lady M?
- How do they feel about the murders? 

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... the next morning...
- the murder is discovered
- the king's sons are gone (they fled because they were afraid that they'd be next)
- everyone thinks the sons did it 
- so McB is crowned king!

Is all happy now? 

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