Charlie's Mother Day 2

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Share your Acrostic poems ,on Your Mother, here.(Home task)

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When you are sad or upset, how does your mother make you feel better?

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Did you know?
Charlie Chaplin won the Honorary Oscar in the year 1972. Such was his contribution to his field that he received a 12-minute standing ovation from the audience, which is still the longest standing ovation in Oscar history.

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Despite limited resources, how did Hannah make sure that her children were always happy?

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"Little Charlie lived with his mother and brother Sydney in a small shabby room."
Choose the antonym of shabby.

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What were the things that had a great impact on Charlie Chaplin in his role as an entertainer?

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There just wasn't enough money for even their most basic needs.
The pronoun 'their' refers to:

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List few instances from the extract which suggest that Charlie Chaplin and his family lived in poverty.

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What were some of the harsh realities Charlie Chaplin learnt about the entertainment world, during his tenure with Lancashire Lads?

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Why do you think that Charlie was heartbroken when his mother was admitted to a mental institution?

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Charlie and his mother often did stage shows together.

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What are the learning that you can take from Hannah and Charlie Chaplin's life ?

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Chaplin's health had declined to the point that he needed constant care.
 On 25 December 1977, Chaplin died at home after suffering a stroke in his sleep. 
He was 88 years old. The funeral, on 27 December, was a small and private Anglican ceremony, according to his wishes.

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