Studying Geography

Studying Geography
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Studying Geography

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Learning Objectives
  • Understand what geography is and how it helps us view the world in new ways
  • Learn how geographers collect and interpret data
  • Understand the difference between geography as a physical science and a social science

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What do you already know about geography?

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Slide 1: What is Geography?
  • Geography studies the world, its people, and the landscapes they create
  • Geographers gather and interpret data about places
  • Field work and satellite images are used to collect geographical data

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Slide 2: Geography as a Science
  • Geographers act like scientists
  • They study physical aspects like landforms and weather

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Slide 3: Geography as a Social Science
  • Geographers study human aspects like social structures and cultural practices
  • They analyze how people interact with their environment

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Slide 4: Satellite Technology
  • Satellite technology is a crucial tool in collecting geographical data
  • It allows for data collection from space for analysis

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  • Geography is the study of the world and its people
  • Geographers collect and interpret data
  • They study both physical and social aspects
  • Satellite technology is used for data collection

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Write down 3 things you learned in this lesson.

Slide 9 - Open question

Have students enter three things they learned in this lesson. With this they can indicate their own learning efficiency of this lesson.
Write down 2 things you want to know more about.

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Here, students enter two things they would like to know more about. This not only increases involvement, but also gives them more ownership.
Ask 1 question about something you haven't quite understood yet.

Slide 11 - Open question

The students indicate here (in question form) with which part of the material they still have difficulty. For the teacher, this not only provides insight into the extent to which the students understand/master the material, but also a good starting point for the next lesson.