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Today's planning:
What are we going to do today?
- Introduction
- Explanation of the different strategies
- Check understanding
- Practice
- Check answers

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Lesson aim
At the end of this lesson you...
  • ... can identify the differences between scanning and skimming and apply these strategies while reading a text.

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Talk to your neighbor.
  •  In how many languages can you say "hello"?

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Do you know which languages these are?

Hola                         Shalom        Merhaba
Selamat siang       Goddag        Anyoung haseyo
Konnichiwa           Nǐn hǎo        Zdravstvuyt    

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  • How many languages can you speak?
  • Does anyone speak more than two?
  • Are you bilingual or multilingual?

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  •  What does it mean to speak a language?

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Practicing Reading
Practicing Reading

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Reading Strategies

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Skim when you want to read something quickly to get a general idea.
  • Read headings and subheadings.
  • Read opening and closing sentences of paragraphs.

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Scan when you want to read something quickly to find a specific piece of information.
  • Find keywords or numbers in the question.
  • Move your eyes quickly across the text until you find keywords or numbers.

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Skim the text
  • Read the title and subheadings 
        What is the text about?

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Scan the first paragraph and answer these questions.
1. What percentage of the world’s population is bilingual?
2. Why were parents discouraged from teaching their children to speak more than one language from birth in the past?

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Scan the second paragraph
What are some of the benefits of being bilingual?
Think about:
  • Communication
  • Academic/work achivements
  • Health


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Scan the last paragraph 
 Is it possible to become truly bilingual as an adult? Why? Why not?

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Skimming is a technique that you look at the first sentence of each paragraph for an idea of the article before reading closely. T/F

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I scan the text quickly to find specific information. T/F

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I can make predictions about the text before reading by looking at the title of an article.

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At the end of this lesson you...
  • ...can identify the difference between skimming and scanning and be able to apply them while reading an article.

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