Present simple vs Present continuous

Present simple vs Present continuous

Grammar 11

stepping stones 5th edition

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Present simple vs Present continuous

Grammar 11

stepping stones 5th edition

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Welke werkwoordstijd is de present tense?

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Present simple

- feit
- gewoonte
-regelmatig terugkerende gebeurtenis

Tijdsbepaling die aangeeft hoe vaak iets gebeurt.
always, never, ever, sometimes, usually

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Present simple

hele werkwoord gebruiken bij elke persoon

Shit rule: bij He/She/It -> werkwoord + s

Denk bij vragen en ontkenningen aan do/ does & don't/doesn't.

I like chocolate. Chocolate is my life!
I don't like homework at all.

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Present continuous

- handeling / gebeurtenis die nu aan de gang is

- handeling/gebeurtenis is tijdelijk

tijdsbepalingen in deze zinnen: right now, now, at the moment, look, listen.

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Present continuous

am/are/is + (werkwoord + ing)

I am watching a TV show right now.

Karen is listening to music at the moment.

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Present simple
Present Continuous

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Every Monday, Sally ___(drive) her kids to football practice.

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Ssshh! Be quiet! John ___(sleep).

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Do exercise 25 in your AB.

If you want to do an additional exercise, practise slim stampen grammar 11.

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Wat is nog lastig aan dit onderwerp?

Slide 12 - Open question

Exercises .... in your grammar reader. Answers are online on the studiewijzer.

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