week 4: 7B reported speech practice

- reported speech
- video

Don't forget: in two weeks = SO vocab 7
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- reported speech
- video

Don't forget: in two weeks = SO vocab 7

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Reported speech?

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Direct speech: the literal, exact words someone says  “I am very angry with you” 
Indirected or reported speech: when you tell someone what somebody else said. He said he was very angry with me. 

What changes:  - Tense (backshifting)  - Pronouns ( I, we, you)  - Pronouns (here → there, this → that, these → those)  - Adverbials of time (yesterday → the day before, tomorrow→ the following/ next day)  

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About time...
"I ate mangoes yesterday"

She said that she had eaten mangoes yesterday

Why is this a problem? 

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Find the chart HERE

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Unit 7B, p85

ex7 and 8

tip: underline the verbs. It helps you with backshifting. 
Check: verbs, pronouns, time

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Watching skills

After watching the news clip, you have to report what was mentioned.

Write down a few sentences (not all, don't worry) 

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Report the most important piece(s) of news you would like to share with your classmates

Slide 10 - Open question

Extra explanation and practice
For more explanation on the basics of Reported speech (if needed):
For more exercises (advanced and proficiency) on Reported speech (if needed):

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Video support
Here are some explanations in Dutch about Reported/Indirect Speech.

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