GC1 7. The world we want to live in - lesson 2

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Learning outcomes 
• The learner is able to understand what a Climate Activist is and learn about ways they are supporting Global Goal 13 
• The learner is able to communicate the changes they see happening to their hometown/city 
• The learner is beginning to understand which human activities are having an impact on the climate crisis

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What do you care about?

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Ask students to spend some time thinking about answers for the question “What do you care about?” You may want to go first to share examples; e.g your students, your school, your family etc
What does Activist mean?
An activist is a very active person.
an Activist is someone who cares about specific issues and campaigns to highlight the issue or make more people aware of it.
An activist is a person who makes activities.

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Can you think of any activist you may know?

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This lesson we will be learning about some different Youth Climate Activists who are all campaigning to protect our natural world.

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what’s the message from the climate activists?

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Explore the google earth story
 • What are some of the different ways the activists help teach others about climate change? 
• What have you learnt from the climate activists? 
• Have they sparked any ideas for you on how you might be able to take action for Global Goal 13 Climate Change?

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What changes are happening to our planet?

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Next, students are going to spend some time exploring the changes that are happening to our planet. Many people around the world are noticing that climate change is impacting where they live. Have students noticed any impacts of climate change on their communities?

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What you notice? Why might this be happening?

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Your own town/ city
Type in the name of your city and or town in the search bar. Watch the time-lapse. 
What changes do you notice? Why might these changes be happening? 
Go to the next slide to answer all questions. 

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Use earthengine.google.com/timelapse/ to understand how your local city has changed from 1984 until 2018.
Assignment 1
Watch the Time-lapse to see how your city has changed.
 Use this as a guide to answer the following questions: 
1. How has the environmental landscape of the city changed since 1984? 
2. Why might these changes have happened?
 3. Do you see any problems occurring if your city continues to change in this way? 
4. Do you see any benefits to your city having changed since 1984? 
5. Is there more or less green space in your city in 2018 compared to 1984? 
6. Has your home city taken any preventions to tackle climate change, that you can see?
E.g. cycle lanes to reduce car pollution, recycling centre, outdoor parks
UPload your asnwers to simulise

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Assignment 2
If you would be an activist, what would you try to change, in your town/ city or Country. Use the time laps and the videos you saw from the young activists. 
Write, draw make a video  to show us what you would do as an activist in your area.

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