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  • Something and anything 
  • Direct and indirect speech
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  • Something and anything 
  • Direct and indirect speech

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Learning Goal for today:
I remember when to use something enzo and
I understand how to use indirect speech (indirecte rede) in English. 

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I see something.
Je verwacht ja
Would you like some crisps? 
Vraag als aanbod
Would you care for some diet coke?
I don't see anything.
De andere vragen
Do you like any of these shoes?
I have never met any celebrity in my life.

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Indirect speech
Je gebruikt dit als je wil vertellen wat iemand anders heeft gezegd:
Lynn: "I'm reading a very good book."
Lynn said (that) she was reading a very good book. 

Stijn: "My mum isn't home yet."
Stijn said (that) his mum wasn't home yet. 

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Indirect speech
Je gaat een stapje terug in de tijd (want je vertelt het later terug):
Direct: present simple --->                  indirect: past simple
Direct: present continuous: --->       indirect: past continuous
Direct: past simple --->                         indirect: past perfect

Een korte check: weet je welke tijden dit zijn?

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Which of the following is the Past Simple:
I am walking to school
I walked to school
I have walked to school
I had walked to school

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Which of the following is the Past Continuous
We are baking right now
We baked a cake last night
I had baked a cake before
We were baking last night

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Indirect speech: present simple
De present simple wordt indirect the past simple. (Van tt naar vt.)

"I don't like shopping", says Mary. 
Mary said (that)she didn't like shopping. 
Jochem: "What is the homework for History?"
Jochem asked what the homework for History was

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Indirect speech: present continuous
De present continuous wordt de past continuous: 

am/is/are + ww-ing wordt was/were + ww-ing

I was working
They were talking a lot. 

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Present continuous
Christoper: "I am doing my homework."
Christopher said (that) he was doing his homework. 

Daisy: "They are working a lot today.
Daisy said (that) they were working a lot that day. 

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Indirect speech: past simple
Past simple wordt de past perfect. 

Amy: "I woke up late this morning." 
Amy said (that) she had woken up late that morning." 

Jake: "I did it right away". 
Jake said (that) he had done it right away. 

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Which indirect form is correct:
Amy: I am okay.
Amy said she is okay
Amy said she is being okay
Amy said she was okay
Amy said she had been okay

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Which form is correct:
Trish: I am doing laundry.
Trish said she was doing laundry.
Trish is doing laundry.
Trish was doing laundry
Trish said she is doing laundry.

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Fill in the correct indirect speech:
John: "I like to cook." Begin je zin met: John said (that)...

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Fill in the indirect speech:
Mason: "I did the washing up."

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Wat wordt de indirect speech? Tom: 'Max won the 2nd race!' Begin met Tom told us...

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En deze? Van Gaal: 'The team is going to win.'

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Enigzins helder?
Nee, maar ik vraag wel aan m'n buurman
Nee, maar bedankt voor het proberen.
Ja best, ik ga oefenen.

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Je mag nu doen:
Exercises 2-7 op Page 163. Done? Oefen voor Taaldorp.

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