Leesvaardigheid - globaal lezen

Leesvaardigheid - globaal lezen
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Leesvaardigheid - globaal lezen

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Reading theories
- Global reading

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- Ik maak kennis met verschillende leesstrategieën. 
- Ik kan een tekst globaal lezen.

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Reading theories
- Using Prior Knowledge/Previewing
When students preview text, they tap into what they already know to help them understand the text they are about to read. This provides a framework for any new information they read.

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Reading strategies
- Predicting
When students make predictions about the text they are about to read, it sets up expectations based on their prior knowledge about similar topics. As they read, they may mentally revise their prediction as they gain more information.

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Reading strategies
Identifying the Main Idea and Summarization
Identifying the main idea and summarizing requires that students determine what is important and then put it in their own words. Implicit in this process is trying to understand the author’s purpose in writing the text.

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Reading strategies
Asking and answering questions about a text is another strategy that helps students focus on the meaning of the text. Teachers can help by modeling both the process of asking good questions and strategies for finding the answers in the text.

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Reading strategies
Studies have shown that students who visualize while reading have better recall than those who do not (Pressley, 1977). Readers can take advantage of illustrations that are embedded in the text or create their own mental images or drawings when reading a text without illustrations.

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Global reading
- Open het bestand dat toegevoegd is aan de les in Magister.
- Zodra je deze voor je hebt wacht je even.
We spreken dan door hoe je de eerste tekst globaal leest en daarna ga je het zelf proberen.
- Schrijf steeds in 1 zin op waar de tekst volgens jou over gaat. 

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- Ik maak kennis met verschillende leesstrategieën. 
- Ik kan een tekst globaal lezen.

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