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VWO 4 - Presentation
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VWO 4 - Presentation

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Class work
- Explanation presentation
- Making groups

- Work on presentation

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  • I know what to include in my presentation
  • I understand the assignment and know what to prepare for my presentation  

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Presentation - general information
  • You present in pairs
  • You present for five minutes per person (10 minutes in total) 
  • You present in English 
  • You use a presenting program during your presentation (Powerpoint, Prezi, Google presentations, etc.) 
  • You are allowed to use key cards during your presentation (no complete texts, no Ipad or mobile phones) 

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Your presentation
  • No complete sentences in presentation, only key words
  • Use pictures/photos to clarify your points 
  • Include at least the following slides: 
1. title slide (including your subject, names, class) 
2. content slide (overview of your presentation) 
3. subslides (in which you discuss all information) 
4. 'are there any questions?' slide 

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Presentation - the topic 
You are going to present about a book/series/movie of your choice.

  • Everybody has to choose another subject (first come, first served) 
  • The book/series/movie has to be English from origin 

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Presentation - the topic
You are going to have to talk about the following points: 
  1. Facts: dates (publication, duration, production, etc.), country of origin, most important characters/actors, directors/writers/authors/producers/etc, amount of pages/duration of movie/series
  2. Summary
  3. Description of 2 characters (character traits, appearances, motifs, played by whom) 
  4. Choose one things you would change in the story. Why would you change this? (Give clear arguments!) How would you change this?
  5. Would you recommend this book/movie/series to somebody else? Why? Why not? (In this part you clearly discuss your opinion as well) 

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Presentation - the process
  1. Work on your presentations during class  (2 classes in total) 
  2. Presentations will be planned by me
  3. Missing your presentation means you have missed a test (SE gemist) 
    --> if you haven't been called in sick, you will get a 1
  4. There will be an extra class at the end in which people who might have been ill can do the presentation 

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Presentation - the moment
  • Remember your posture; don't fidget, don't have your back turned towards your audience; don't put your hands in your pockets or cross your arms
  • Make sure you speak clearly, and in an appropriate tempo and volume so that everyone can understand and hear you. 
  • Look at your audience. If you find this scary, you can choose to look just above everybody's heads. 
  • Don't sit down! And also, make sure you don't keep switching places or stand in front of the screen. 

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To do
  1. Make pairs 
  2. Decide on a topic
  3. Divide the work 
  4. Start gathering information 

Often, students start by creating a Powerpoint; however, the first step is always to divide the work and start gathering all the information. 

The final step is creating a Powerpoint and including everything you have found. 

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Today we have...
  • ... discussed what you should include in your presentation
  • ... talked about the topic of your presentation
  • ... made pairs and decided upon a topic for your presentation 

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