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Today's lesson
  • Look at each other's reviews
  •  Can, Could & Be able to
  • Writing
  • BLE CH 12 ex. A, B & D

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Let's review each other's reviews!
  • Has the review met all the requirements of a film review?
  • Give tips/tops
  • Based on this review, would you or would you not watch this series/film?
  • If you would mark this what would you give it?

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Layout of a (film)review
  • Title
  • Photo (optional)
  • 1st paragraph: Plot of the film
  • 2nd/3rd paragraph: experience/opinion with evidence
  • 4th paragraph: recommendation and conclusion

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To be able to
Je gebruikt to be able to om te zeggen dat iemand in staat is:

I'm not able to run a marathon.
We're able to go to your party tonight.
The police are unable to find the thief.

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to be + able to + hele ww

Let op! je moet 'to be' vervoegen:

I am able to play football.

He is able to play football.

They are able to play football.

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be able to
zou kunnen/ konden
in staat zijn om...

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Practice writing
  • Next week we will start with project 3 (writing skills)
  • In this lesson, we will write 2 different types of text within a given time frame just like the real exams. 

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Ch. 12
Make ex. A, B, C, D & E on p. 68 and 69.

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See you next week!

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