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Who dis Miss V?
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Who dis Miss V?

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Your opinion matters ✌️
Think about things like: 

The general vibe, quiet or music, style of
teaching from me, not being afraid 
to speak your mind, British or American, 

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What would I like?
- Foremost: an amazing vibe where everyone feels happy and safe to be themselves. 
- There is nothing you cannot say, tell or ask me. Honesty first!
- Concentration is a thing (during explanations). Do you want a teacher that can give good and clear instructions?
- The socials ;)
- Your actions are not your personality
- Student of the week

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Chapter 1        "This is me"
Page 36: What is your family like?

Exercise 1 + 2

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What is that and why do we need it?

Where can we find it again?

How do I study it?

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Who knows what that verb (werkwoord) means? 

- I am Miss V
- you .........such a good friend
- But she sister and he brother, it goat
- And we .........the best class
- and they ........all jealous
- Don't forget you (meervoud) mentorclass

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Enne, what about TO HAVE/HAS
I have a red racebike
You HAVE blonde hair
He HAS 8 pets                                                         
She HAS a parrot
It HAS a long tail
We HAVE many dogs
They HAVE a crazy teacher
You HAVE a big class this year

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Dat kan korter!

I am wordt              I'm            
You are wordt ?    you're      
She, he, it is wordt ?  she's/he's/it's                                
We are wordt ?      we're
They are wordt?    they're
You are (meervoud) wordt?  you're
Dat kan korter!

I have wordt ?       I've
You have wordt ?  you've
She, he, it has wordt ?  she's/he's/it's 
We have wordt ?    we've
They have wordt?  they've
You have (mv) wordt ?  you've
Practise this in exercise 3+ 4 together

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Eat, sleep, English, repeat
How was your weekend? 14th of September 

 1. By the end of the lesson you have learned new words that will help you describe someone's looks. 

On repeat: Which verbs did you learn last week?
What is the SHIT-rule?

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What did we do yesterday?
1. Do you remember the SHIT-rule? Give some examples? 

2. Check exercise: 3, 4, 10 and 11a/d together

3. How would you describe the person sitting next to you? (74)
Write at least 3 sentences about that person in your book/iPad

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Counting and pronouncing
Page 42: Numbers: how do we say them? 
- Exercise  16

Page 44, 45, 46: Strategies
Exercise 18, 19 (gaat door op de volgende bladzijde)

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Lesson for 21st of September!
- Who wants to share about the weekend? 
- What was the SHIT-rule again?
* Who can give an example? 

- Read Geochaching + check homework: Exercise 18/19 (page 44)
- Review words Unit 1 and plan first SO.

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What's the plan Stan?
Counting in English? How far can you get?
1, 2, boom? Say whaaaat? 42, exercise 16. 

Lessongoal: Today you will learn how to introduce 
yourself by understanding Stepping Stone 1  on page 48 + ex. 24

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Weekend & The alphabet
How was your weekend? Who wants to share?

Hey yo, this is Miss V, do you know your ABC?
Why don't you say them together with me?

Can you try to spell your name?


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Grammar: Present simple
Page 52: What is the SHIT-rule again? Who remembers?

On Ipad: create your own sentences about your life

The green grid: Present simple
(30, 31, 32A,33)

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Your own life
Your life must be so exciting? Tell me about it?
What is your routine?

 I travel to America every 7 months.
My sister works with people as a coach four days a week.
My parents always to go Greece for their holiday
I dance in my livingroom in the evening every day. 

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Pronouns (voorzetsels)
I        am Liz, this is MY name       and my parents gave ME that name
You are Naomi, this is YOUR name and the dog gave YOU that name 
She  is a girl named Lotte, that is HER name     and her brother gave HER that name 
He  is boy named Mark, that is HIS name         and HIS best friend have HIM that name 

It is a rabbit, that is ITS name            and my brothers gave IT that name 
We are the Adelaar family, that is OUR family     and my grandparents gave US that name
They are teachers, those are THEIR classrooms   and the boss gave those to THEM. 

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Reading Noah's story 
Lessongoal: by the end of the lesson you will know more about how to read a text and you have learned new words. 

- Page 60, 61, 62
- exercise 42a, b, c // 43a, b, c //45

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Stone 2: asking&giving info
Page 64: Read them through together and give answers to the questions. 

Exercise 47a, b

Wilson time, please stand up! 

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Preparation Test (week)
- Present simple: explains Miss V, you use notes on iPad
- WB page 53, exercise: 30, 31a, 32

- Object pronouns: Explains Miss V, use notes on iPad + WB page 69, exercise 57

- W-woorden )interrogative pronouns

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What to study?

- Woordjes op blz 74 en 75 (beide kanten op)

- Stones (blauwe blokjes met zinnen): leren van Nederlands- Engels: op blz 48, 64

- De W-woorden (who, what, why, when, where and how): Staan verwerkt in de zinnen uit het blauwe blokje op 
  blz 64 + WB blz 69 in het groene stukje onderaan je werkboek. 

- Werkwoorden: to have en to be (WB blz 37, opdracht 3 en 4): dit wordt niet los gevraagd maar verwerkt in zinnen zoals iemand beschrijven en zeggen wat of hoe iemand is. 

- Present Simple: tegenwoordige tijd: wat is jouw routine? Uitleg in jouw notities van je Ipad + leren WB blz 52/53 en opdracht 30, 31a en 32

- Subject en object pronouns: zie ook notities in iPad! + WB blz 69, opdracht 57

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But how and why?

WB page  64, stone 2: What words are used to ask questions?
Do you know more?

Make two question sentences for every pronoun, but also answer the questions. You are not allowed to use the same sentences as the book! 

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All of them together
1. Why
2. What
3. Where
4. When
5. How
6. Who

Who has not finished yet? This will be homework for tomorrow! 

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What we doing today?
WB page 69: object pronouns 
Exercise 54a+b

WB page 70: Interrogative pronouns
Exercise 55b, 56

Homework: WB page 61, read 'Noah's story'
WB page 60, exercise 42 and 43: reading strategies and questions 

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