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Chapter 4
Your own surroundings in focus
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Chapter 4
Your own surroundings in focus

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Describe your house.
What does it look like?

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Describe your neighbourhood.
What does it look like?

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Main question of this chapter:
What do your own surroundings look like?
What are the residents' and housing characteristics?

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Spatial planning 

The organization of space for housing, work, recreation and traffic

= man-made landscape
= land use

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Content for today:
> What housing characteristics are there?

- What is the meaning of 'your own surroundings'?
- What are types of land use in a residential district?
- What are the different characteristics of housing?

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About your own surroundings:
where do you live?
In a village
In a city

Slide 8 - Poll

Check up: 
Do you know these words?

Try to drag the description to the right key word. 
Place it on the coloured rectangles.

Just try! It is okay if you make a mistake!

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Own surroundings
Area around your home
A small or large piece of the Earth's surface
Part of a village, town or city.
Part of a district.
Services that everyone uses.

Slide 10 - Drag question

What kind of amenities do you know?
(= service that everyone uses)

Slide 11 - Open question

You need to know differences between types of houses. 
Take a look at the next differences!

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Multi-family houses
Single-family house

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high-rise building
low-rise building

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Owner-occupied house
Rented house

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cheap house
expensive house

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This is a
Single-family house
Multi-family house
High-rise building
Low-rise building

Slide 17 - Quiz

Single-family house
Multi-family houses
High-rise building
Low-rise building

Slide 18 - Quiz

Business parks in Enkhuizen
Ketenwaal              Krabber plaat        Schepenwijk

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Independent work
  • Make a key term list for 4.1
  • Complete the workbook tasks for 4.1
  • Create a summary for 4.1 

We will finish this section next week! 

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