Chapter 4: your own surroundings lesson 1

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Do you know in which district you live ?

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At the end of the lesson you will:
-Be able to name the types of land use in a (residential) district.
-Be able to name several characteristics of housing.

Language aims:
-Be able to explain what 'your own surroundings'mean
-Be able to use the word amenities in a correct context.
-Be able to explain what spatial planning is.

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Own surroundings =
Area around your home

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Spatial planning 
The organization of space for housing, work, recreation and traffic

= man-made landscape

= land use

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Characteristics of your own surroundings
  • Living
  • Work
  • Traffic
  • Recreation
  • Amenities

  • Amenities: services that everybody   uses, such as shops, libraries,  doctor's practices, parks or playing fields.

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District or neighbourhood?
  • District: Part of a village, town or city. A district consists of several neighbourhoods

  • Neighbourhood: Part of a district.

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Spatial planning 
This neighbourhood in the east district of Amsterdam is called the Indische buurt. The names of the streets refer to the colonial heritage.
In amsterdam you will find a lot of amenities mixed with housing. Here you see a bakery with turkish roots.
Every neighbourhood is connected with a main street that connects multiple neighbourhoods. 
Public amenities are services everybody can use in the public space. Such as benches. 
On the corner of this street you will find some companies. (Taxicentrale,Calcenter). These companies make sure people from this neighbourhood have work.
Spatial planning = het gebruik van de ruimte voor: wonen, werken, verkeer, voorzieningen en recreatie. Heet ook ruimtegebruik.

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High-rise building, multi family housing
Low-rise building, Single family house

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Research part 1
  • You will do research in a neigbourhood of your choice. 
  • Maximum of two people in a group. 
  • First introductionlessons by the book. Than introduction 

  • Maak deze les het tweetal bekend !

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  • Noorderham (Krommenie)
  • Rosariumbuurt (Krommenie)
  • Noorderhoofdbuurt (Krommenie)
  • Zuiderham (Krommenie)
  • Snuiverbuurt (Krommenie)
  • Zuiderhoofdbuurt (Assendelft/Saendelft)
  • Parkrijk (Assendelft/Saendelft)       (De groene stip is school;)

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  • Chapter 4
  • Paragraph 1: questions 1 to 6

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