Grammar: Comparisons
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Grammar: Comparisons

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Do you know the answers?

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This flower is .................. (beautiful)
than that one.
more beautiful

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It is strange but often a coke is .........(expensive) than a beer.
more expensive

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Which is the ............... (dangerous)
animal in the world?
most dangerous

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Who is the ............. (rich)
woman on earth?
most rich

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Non-smokers usually live ........ (long) than smokers.
more long

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Degrees of comparison
There are three degrees of comparison: 
  • adjective (adverb): tall
  • comparative (vergrotende trap) : taller
  • superlative (overtreffende trap) : tallest

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Adjectives of one syllable (1 lettergreep):
                                                                                                    Tall – Taller – Tallest 
mind the spelling of:

Does it sound short? Double consonant!
-er & -est

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Adjectives of two or more syllables (2 or meer letgr.): 
beautiful – more beautiful – most beautiful 

  • Adjectives of two syllables that end in a consonant + -y
    Slimy – slimier – slimiest 
  • Some adjectives of two syllables have two forms:
    Simple – simpler-simplest / simple – more simple – most simple
    Other examples: clever, common, cruel, gentle, likely, narrow, pleasant, polite 

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Adjectives of two or more syllables 
Irregular adjectives of comparison
good – better – best 
bad – worse – worst 
far – farther – farthest (distance only) 
further – furthest 
old – older – oldest 
elder-eldest (family relationship) 

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This house is bigger than that one.

Our house is not as expensive as our neighbours'.
Our house is not so expensive as our neighbours'.

She is as intelligent as her brother.

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Adverb of degree
You can put an adverb of degree in front of a comparative adjective: 
Examples: a bit, a great deal, a good deal, a little, a lot, much, rather, slightly 
  • The potatoes are slightly more expensive than last year. 

You can put an adverb of degree in front of a superlative adjective: By far, easily, much, quite
  • John is by far the most intelligent pupil in the school. 

If you compare two things: 
  • Susan is as tall as Carol 
  • Chris is not as friendly as Kate. 

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Comparative and superlative adverbs 
Adverb – comparative adverb – superlative adverb:
Readily – more readily – most readily 

Rabbits are seen more frequently than hares

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Irregular adverbs of comparison:
badly – worse – worst  
close – closer – closest  
early – earlier – earliest  
far – farther/further – farthest/ furthest  
fast – faster – fastest  
hard – harder – hardest  
near – nearer – nearest  
well – better – best                                                              NOW DO EXERCISES 1 - 8

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Extra exercise
Rewrite sentences a-f, keeping the same meaning, but using  another form of the comparative 
Example:  I’m worse at remembering faces than I am at remembering names. 
I’m not as good at remembering faces as I am at remembering names. 

a. My best friend drives more slowly than I do. 
b. The weather is cooler in the autumn. 
c. Air tickets are getting less and less expensive 
d. In my opinion, the exercise isn’t as easy as it looks. 
e. This school isn’t as big as I remember it. 
f. Our local shops are further than we’d like them to be. 

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Answers extra exercise
a. My best friend doesn't drive as fast as I do. 
b. The weather is not as hot in the autumn. 
c. Air tickets are getting cheaper and cheaper. 
d. In my opinion, the exercise is more difficult than it looks. 
e. This school is smaller than I remember it. 
f. Our local shops are not as close as  we’d like them to be. 

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Do you understand the explanation of the degrees of comparison?
I am not sure
Sorry. I have been sleeping or doing other things that I should not do in class.

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