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EnglishUpper Secondary (Key Stage 4)BTEC, GCSE

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Smart Phones and the internet connect us to people globally. It brings the world together by making information more accessible. Our world is sooooo much better with technology!


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Technology takes away our social skills. We only communicate with eachother nowadays through our phones or computers.


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We share way too much online and know too much about others and this makes us unhappier with ourselves!


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People are more stressed because they find it hard to get away from technology. There is no downtime!


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People make technology dangerous because they donโ€™t know how to use it safely

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We're too dependent on technology. It takes us away from our family. Family and friends matters the most, but if we are too caught up in our technology we miss out on actually being with our family and friends

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What are these images saying about Social media?

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What do the images say about socual media?

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What social media platforms do you use?

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How do you use social media platforms?

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Advantages of Social Media 
Disadvantages of Social Media 
Give at least 5 advantages & explain why.
Give at least 5 & disadvantages explain why. 

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