Reported speech - 3rd years

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Looking at reported speech (a.k.a as indirect speech - indirecte rede) 

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Today's lesson

Looking at reported speech (a.k.a as indirect speech - indirecte rede) 

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Wat is het verschil? 
Direct speech - is wat je hoor als iemand iets zegt.  Komt tussen "......"
Indirect/Reported speech - is wanneer je doorverteld wat iemand anders heeft gezegd.

Direct - "I love football," said Kate
Indirect - Kate said that she loved football.

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Pronouns change
(Speaker - He, She or name of the person) said that (he, she)...

Direct speech - "I fancy a cup of tea," said Jane

Indirect speech - Jane said that she fancied a cup of tea.

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Tenses change. 
What do you think the rule might be?  
John (Direct speech): " I am really hungry"
Amy (Reported speech): John said that he was really hungry.

John (Direct): "I am meeting Paul for dinner" 
Amy (Reported): John said he was meeting Paul for dinner. 

John (Direct): "I need something to eat now"
Amy (Reported): John said that he needed something to eat then. 

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Present simple --------------------
Present continuous --------------
Present perfect --------------------
Present perfect continuous ----
Past simple -------------------------
Past continuous -------------------
Past perfect - stays the same
Past perfect continuous - stays the same

Past simple
Past continuous
Past perfect
Past perfect continuous
Past perfect
Past perfect continuous
The ones in black are the ones you need to know at the moment

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Modal verbs (Direct vs Indirect)
Can becomes Could
Will become Would
Would stays as Would

Direct - "I can't go to school," said Tim
Indirect - Tim said that he couldn't go to school

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All tenses in reported speech...?
Stay the same: present continuous stays present continuous. I am working --> I am working.
Go from past tense to present tense. Past simple becomes present simple. I was --> I am.
Go 1 step back in time: present simple --> past simple. I work --> I worked.
Go to a future tense: present simple becomes future simple I sleep --> I will/going to sleep.

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We use reported speech to:
To give someone an idea what the other person has said.
To quote people.
To tell someone what another person has said.

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"I can see the clouds.".
He told me that she ________ the clouds.
can see
could see
can saw
could saw

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"He will come tomorrow".
She told me that he ________ the following day.
is coming
will come
would come

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"I have taken the car"
She said that.....................the car.
had taken
she has taken
she had took
she had taken

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John: "I am watching Netflix"
He said that ....................Netflix
she was watching
he is watching
he was watching
he watched

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"The film started at 8pm"
Jeff said 8pm
the film had started
the film has started
the film would start
the film started

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Write the indirect/reported speech
1. Tracy said, 'I am really hungry' = Tracy said that ........
2. Joe said, 'I will get some food'
3. Tony said, 'It's getting dark outside'
4. Diana said, 'I haven't spoken to James'
5. Tom said, 'I can help you with your homework'
6. Molly said, 'I went shopping yesterday' 

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Questions in reported speech
"Is this the right way to the library?" asked the man
The man asked me if this was the right way to the library. 

"Who is that person?" asked Donna (the group)
Donna asked us who that person was

If you get a -wh question word, use it in the reported speech 

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Write the questions in reported speech
"Can you type?" she asked (us).   She asked  .......................
"Have you seen David?" he asked (me). 
"Would you like some coffee?" he asked. 
"Will we get to the party on time?" asked Jenny. 
"Where is my umbrella?" she asked.
"Who is going to the party?" he asked  

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