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§6.5 Comparing graphs
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§6.5 Comparing graphs

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Good morning!

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Good morning, everybody!

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Let's go through an exercise!

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This graph shows you
 the cost when
 hiring a lawn mower

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Because 2 graphs are drawn in 1
coordinate system,
we can COMPARE them!

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Task 1:
After how many days is the price 
you pay at Praxis 
the same as at Finefix?
Key in in next slide.

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Task 1:
After how many days is the price
you pay at Praxis
the same as at Finefix?
Key in your answer.

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Task 1:
So for 4 days the prices are equal. Both
companies then charge 50 euros.
We call the point (4, 50)
the Point of Intersection (= snijpunt)!

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Task 2:
If you hire a lawn mower
 for 2 days, which company is 
Answer in next slide.

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For 2 days ....
better choose for Praxis
it depends
better choose for Finefix
doesn't matter

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Explanation exercise ,
Task 2:
If you hire a lawn mower for 2 days, what is 
the cheapest?
1. Go to '2 days' on the horizontal axis.
2. Go up and see which graph is highest.
3. Well, Finefix' graph lies lower,
4. so Finefix is cheapest for 2 days!

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Task 3:
If you hire a lawn mower for 5 days,
which company is cheapest then?
Key in in next slide.

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For 5 days ...
Praxis is cheapest.
Doesn't matter.
Finefix is cheapest.

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Explanation exercise 32,
Task 3:
If you hire a lawn mower for 5 days,
which company, which is cheapest?
Go to 5 days on the horizontal axis.
Go up and see which graph lies lowest.
Praxis' graph is lowest for 5 days,
so then the price is lowest too! 

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Task 4:
Which graph has a fixed amount?
(That is the amount you have to pay, 
no matter how many days they will work
for you!)

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A fixed amount ...
Graph for Praxis has one.
No clue at all.
Graph for Finefix has one.
Both graphs have one.

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Explanation exercise ,
Task 4:
Which graph has a fixed amount?
The graph for Praxis starts at 10 euros.
That's what you have to pay before you have used 
this carpet cleaner for even one minute!
That's why we call this a FIXED AMOUNT.
The amount is fixed, no matter how long you use it. 

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Question: What to do first, when making this task ?

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First you have to ....

Slide 22 - Mind map

Make a TABLE, indeed!
In exercises 33a. and  34a  they ask you to make a graph from a formula.
Also for those tasks MAKE a TABLE first!
How else do you know which points lie on the graph?!
However, a TIP for this follows now.

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This is how the
However, why including so may points in the TABLE?
They all lie on the same straight line!
So 3 or 4 points will be enough. For example number 0, 10 and 16.

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The two graphs have a point
of intersection.
I read off:   (5, 3.5) is the p.o.i.
However, it is NOT a grid point, so I cannot be sure.
Fortunately I can also CALCULATE the coordinates!      

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If you have no clue what is meant here,
watch the following slides! You will see:
- two graphs that have a point of intersection
   that you can READ OFF
- after this the FIRST COORDINATE will be FILLED in in
   both FORMULAS, to see if we get THE SAME ANSWER!

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In this lessonup you have learned .....
I'd much better ASK YOU, what you've learned!
Think of a 'general description' (=algemene beschrijving) for what you learned.

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I have learnt ...

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Homework time
Make §6.5. You may skip 30.
- correct with Solutionsbook

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