SB Unit 5D/ Reading mock test #2

Thursday, May 16th
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Thursday, May 16th

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- SB Unit 5D: Reading & Vocabulary
- SB Unit 5D: Grammar
- Reading practice mock test #2

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SB Unit 5D, SB p. 66

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Get to work!
In pairs, work on the following exercises:
- Exercise 2: Read the text
- Exercise 3: Reading and matching
- Exercise 6 - 8: Nouns formed from phrasal verbs


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SB Unit 5D: Inversion
Take a look at the introductory clip first.

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WB p. 118

Let's go through the rules, tips and assignments together.

Now, try it yourself! 
Do exercise 11 on SB p. 67

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Inversion - key
  1. Never will there be a more heroic failure than Ernest Shackleton's last expedition.
  2. Not only did he plan to cross the continent of Antartica, but he also wanted a photographic record of the journey.
  3. No sooner had the ship reached Antartic waters than it got stuk in ice.
  4. Such was the pressure of the ice that the ship was crushed.
  5. Only after camping on the ice for many months were the men able to use the lifeboats.
  6. So hungry were the men who waited for resue that all hopes of survival were fading.
  7. Over the stormy Antarctic seas sailed Shackleton's tiny lifeboat.
  8. Scarcely had he landed in South Georgia when he set sail to rescue his crew. 

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Reading mock test #2
Check your answers with the key online

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Next week
No class on Monday: enjoy your long weekend!

- Revise wordlist Unit 5 (WB p. 132)
- Finish up on your SB Unit 5D exercises if necessary

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