12 years a slave

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Aan het einde van de les 
- weet je meer over de slavernij in Amerika
- heb je geoefend met lezen en heb je de grote lijnen van de hoofdstukken begrepen

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Match them
a. you travel along this on a boat
b. this is a simple kind of boat (flat and square)
c. Live animals are kept in this at markets and shows.
d. This is an outside area that belongs to a house 
e. you can use these long, narrow pieces of wood to make a boat
f. Long, thin pieces of leather used to hit a person or animal

7 minutes

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Wat weten we al over slavernij in Amerika? (tip, kijk op blz 6)

Slide 4 - Open question

Time to read

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After reading chapter 1
1. Was Solomon born a free man or a slave? 
2. What did Solomon do in his free time?
3. What happened when he was 21 years old?
4. At the end of the chapter, he says ''I was making my way quietly through the world, like any working man. I did not see the dark clouds that were coming towards me''. What do you think he means by that? 

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Time to read

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After reading chapter 2
1. Why does he go to New York with Brown and Hamilton?
2.What do Brown and Hamilton want from him?
3. What does he say about Washington state? What does that mean?
4. What happened to Solomon on the last page of this chapter?

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Time to read

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After reading chapter 3
1. Who is James Burch? What do you think of this man?
2. What happens when Solomon says he is a free man?
3. Why is James Burch angry?
4. ''we could see the capitol, where politicians talked of Americans being free, and everyone's right to be happy. 'Everyone' did not include black slaves.'' What do you think is the deeper meaning behind this?

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Then vs. now
Write down three things they had in the book, that are still present this day.
What are some things that show that?

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Is dit een waargebeurd verhaal?

Slide 12 - Poll

Het einde van de les. 
- weet je meer over de slavernij in Amerika?
- heb je geoefend met lezen en heb je de grote lijnen van de hoofdstukken begrepen?

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Match them up 
a. a kind of ticket that allows you to travel freely
b. to believe that a person is honest
c. A small piece of metal with a sharp point
d. an area of land that is very wet all year
e. the most important person on a ship
f. The outside floor area of a boat
g. The room where you sleep on a ship
5 minutes

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time to read

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questions chapter 4
1. Why are they afraid to never see the north again? (kennisvraag)
2. Why doesn't the escape plan work?
3. Who is Platt?
4. what is meant by ''Freeman wasn't being kind to us''?

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time to read (ch5)

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Questions on chapter 5
1. why does he want to be bought by the old gentleman?
2.why doesn't want Freeman want to sell Emmely to Ford?
3. What does Ford think about slaves?
4. Why does the writer call the house his prison?

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Time to read chapter 6

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Questions on CH6
1. What kind of business does William Ford have?
2. Why wasn't life kind to Eliza?
3. What idea does Solomon have to make moving the timber easier?
4. ''Tibeats was opposite of Ford in every way''. What was different and how does the text show that?

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Reading chapter 7

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Questions on ch7
1. Why do Tibeats and Solomon get in a fight?
2. Why does Tibeats say ''You'll die for this''?
3. What does Tibeats want to do to Solomon when he returns after an hour?
4. What do you think of the way Solomon reacted to Tibeats when he was told to take off his shirt?

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Reading chapter 8

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Questions on ch8
1. What does Chapin say to save Solomon (use a citation).
2. Why do you think Chapin left him on the ground?
3. Why does Tibeats become angry again?
4. Why does he run?
5. ''Which was the greatest danger - dogs, wild animals or white man?'' What does he mean by this?

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Chapter 9

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Questions on ch9
1. Why did master Ford not recognize him?
2. Why were the other slaves surprised to see him there?
3. What happens to Eliza?
4. What is said about Mr Edwin Epps?

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chapter 10

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Questions on chapter 10
1. why was it a crime to break cotton plants? What happened if you did?
2. What happened when you didn't pick enough?
3. What happened when Epps was happy-drunk?
4. What did Epps believe about slaves?
5. Why was Mistress Epps angry at Patsey?

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Chapter 11

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questions on chapter 11
1. Why was Christmas something they looked forward to?
2. Why does he say the violin saved his life?
3. what is the job of the driver?
4. What is his only chance of escape?

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