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Content-based Instruction 

Door Jelle, Wouter, Priscilla & Lidewij
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Content-based Instruction 

Door Jelle, Wouter, Priscilla & Lidewij

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At the end of this lesson you'll...
Be able to tell others some things about specific buildings in Oxford with scaffolding 

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What buildings do you know in Oxford?

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Exercise 1 

Fill in the gap 
Radcliffe Camera 

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Exercise 2 

Expert groups 

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Exercise 2: expert groups 
As you all know we're going on a trip to Oxford in a couple of weeks. We want you to have some knowledge of the buildings we're going to see, so you are going to become experts on a certain building and then share your knowledge with your classmates. You'll get a building assigned to you. See the text below. On that building, you have to do a small presentation in small expert groups. Write down your text in about 100 to 200 words. Use the example text for inspiration and vocab (chunks). Then you'll be assigned in expert groups, and you have to present your part to your classmates. From the words in bold, use at least 4 in your presentation.  

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What do you know about the buildings?

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How motivating was the activity?
I was super motivated
Somewhat motivated
I'm sorry, not at all

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Techniques and principles

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What did you learn?

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Are there any questions?

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