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It ______ (BE) seven o'clock in the evening. My friend Charlie and I ______(WALK) through the park. We were on our way home . We ______ (TALK) and ______(LAUGH). Suddenly the sky ______ (GO)very dark. Charlie ______ (LOOK) up and said, 'It's going to rain'. Then I ______(HEAR)a loud bang and the sky ______ (GO)bright green. I thought I ______ (DREAM). There was a huge, shiny spaceship just above our heads. It ______ (NOT MOVE). It ______(PULL) us off the ground. Seconds later we were inside it. Twenty strange creatures ______(LOOK) at us. They all ______(HAVE) wrinkled skin and hands like pincers. They ______(NOT HURT) us. They ______(SMILE) and they seemed very friendly. I don't know how long we ______(BE) in space, but I think the spaceship ______(MOVE).

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Suddenly the door ________ (OPEN) underneath us. We ________ (FALL) out of the spaceship onto the ground. We were back in the park again. Charlie and I just ________ (STARE) at each other. We ________ (SHAKE) because we were so scared. Then we ________ (RUN) home as fast as we could. That's all Charlie and I can remember. I know it sounds crazy but it's the truth. On 11 November 1982, exactly five years after the kidnapping, more strange things ________ (HAPPEN) in Gulf Breeze. Cars ________ (DISAPPEAR), cats started to fly and several people  ________ (SEE) spaceships in the sky.

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A tányérokat az asztalra tette.

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Mondott neki valamit. (lány fiúnak)

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Elkezdtem a munkámat.

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Hatkor kezdtünk.

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Jason ellátogatott Londonba múlt márciusban, de nem tetszett neki.

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Franciául írtam ezt a levelet.

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Anyámnak négy fivére van.

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Négy gyerek olvas egy könyvet.

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