Shaping landscapes 4.5: Sediment deposition

Shaping landscapes 4.5: 
Sediment deposition
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Shaping landscapes 4.5: 
Sediment deposition

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The form of the pebbles in this picture has been caused by ...
1. Weathering
2. Erosion
3. Sediment deposition

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Which valley do you see in this picture?
V-shaped valley
U-shaped valley

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Sediment deposition

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After studying this section, you will be able to:

- Explain how rivers form deltas
- Describe how the Mississippi delta landscape was affected by Hurricane Katrina

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Sediment deposition
The last step of the exogenous forces is sediment deposition: putting down sedimentary rock.
By rivers: the slower the speed, the smaller the sediment.
Glaciers: morenes

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A delta is a landform created by a river due to the deposition of sediments. The landscape is very flat and located just above sea level. 

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Lower course/ river mouth
1. River slows down in lower course and can no longer carry the sediments

2. Sediments sink downwards

3. When the river deposits more material than the sea can remove it, sediment plumes are formed

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the Mississippi river is affected by a lot of hurricanes

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What needs to be the minimum of the sea temperature to form a hurricane?
18 degrees Celsius
25 degrees Celsius
27 degrees Celsius
34 degrees Celsius

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Describe in your own words how hurricanes are formed (use full sentences!)

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Two other names for hurricanes are:

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What are the possible effects of a hurricane?

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Talking point
We live in a delta that is protected by dykes, dunes and dams, but not every delta country can afford this kind of protection. 

Bangladesh for example has little money to invest in flood protection. 
What could be done to make this a fairer situation?

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