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Sports related (like your exam)
Talk about the questions on the board
Change partners for each question

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What are your favorite sports to watch or play, and why?

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How do you stay motivated to continue practicing a sport or playing it competitively?

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Do you think it's important for students to have physical education in schools? Why or why not?

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How do you balance your school work and sports training or competitions?

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What are the benefits of playing sports and being physically active?

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If you could attend any major sporting event, which one would you choose and why?

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Do you think having a coach or a mentor in sports is important for success? Why or why not?

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What do you think are the key elements to being a good team player in sports?

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How has participating in sports influenced your personality and behavior?

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What do you think are the challenges that come with being a professional athlete, and how do you overcome them?

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Look back
What vocabulary did you miss?
Which things were hard to say, or put into words? 
What could we do about that?

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