You will need your notebook 
and a pen
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You will need your notebook 
and a pen

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When I say your name, please wave and say hi 

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Plan for today
Part 1: prepare for vocab Money test (May 9th) - 10 min
! Money vocab test on May 9th

Part 2: Influential figures


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Prepare for Money test
Go to page 
Check you have all words filled in properly
Done? Prepare a quizlet


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What you will learn today
You will learn about influential people from the USA

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Tell me:
1. Why would we learn about the USA?
2. What IS an influential figure?

Take one minute to think about this, then raise your hand to answer.

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The project task
You will each get your own influential figure assigned
You will have to research this person
You will have to present your findings
(presentations in May)

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How will your grade be determined?

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You will be researching  people/figures that had a great influence on the history of the US.

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Let's take a look at some influential figures together
Who are these people: what are their names?

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Let's research your person
What: Why was your person influential?
How: Use the questions (handout) and look up information online (min. 3 sources, NOT only Wikipedia!)  
Time: 15 minutes (time on board)
Result: Written down/Word
Finished: Start thinking about what you want to say in your own presentation.  

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