HVG3-EN-2021 Theme 3 - lesson 6 - instruction

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How do you feel about the vocab test?

Slide 2 - Mind map

Have you read all the stories so far?
YES, I am completely on schedule
Almost, I just need to catch up on 1 story
Not really, I still have to read 2 stories
No, I have only read 1 or 2 story this theme
I have not read any of the stories yet

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What are we learning this week?
- you can summarize the most important parts of a story;
- you can determine what you still need to practice;
- can analyze your progress by using the learning goals;
- can compare characters, setting, and theme from the different stories;
- can rephrase short paragraphs in your own words.

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What to expect today
* instruction + example "how to write a good summary"
* practice writing a summary
* How to use the rubric 

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* Read & understand 
* Most important info
* Your own words
* Who, what, when, where, how, why
* Beginning, middle, end

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Lord of the rings
Frodo, a hobbit, is tasked to take a powerful magical ring into the heart of Mordor to prevent a great evil from taking over Middle Earth. He is helped by a wizard, dwarfs, elves, and other hobbits. On the way to Mordor, he and his friends have to survive and resist the temptations of the ring. After several challenging situations, the ring is destroyed. 

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Who: Frodo, a hobbit
What: He has to destroy a powerful magical ring
When: unknown
Where: Mordor, Middle Earth
How: with other characters, it's dangerous and challenging
Why: If the ring falls in the wrong hands, evil will rule Middle Earth

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Write a short summary of a film you have seen recently. Use at least 5 sentences. (7 minutes)

Slide 9 - Open question

How to use the rubric
Your amount of points is your grade. The rubric can be used as a checklist for your homework writing assignments! 

Structure & content: ___/2
• The length of the text is according to the requirements and paragraphs are used. (1)
• All elements of the assignment are present. (1)

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How to use the rubric
Spelling/Punctuation ___/1
• The text contains few spelling errors. (0,5)
• Punctuation is applied correctly. (0,5)

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How to use the rubric
Literature __________/3
learning goals:
- describe situations in the book(s) in your own words;
- you can rewrite parts of a story (from a different point of view);
- compare setting, characters, plotdiagram and theme from different stories.

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How to use the rubric
Language: ___/4
• Vocabulary: you can express yourself in this written assignment (1)
• Grammar: basic elements such as wordorder, tenses and adjectives/adverbs are mostly correct. (3)

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What do you need to focus on most?
Reading and understanding the story/stories
Applying the theory to the stories (characters, setting etc)
Understanding how a review works
Vocabulary and using the right words

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