Explanation about natural selection (TB p. 216)
Making exercises 
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Explanation about natural selection (TB p. 216)
Making exercises 

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What are we going to learn?
Today we are going to learn:
What the evolution theory says.
How new species arise.
How variations arise in groups.

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The evolution theory
The theory of evolution provides an explanation for why there are so many different species with different properties, and how they came to be. The theory was written down by Charles Darwin.
Evolution = the coming and going of species

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Natural selection
What does the theory say? It says that natural selection is the fuel of evolution. This can be explained in the following steps:
1) A mutation occurs in a population.
2) This mutation gives this animal a greater chance of survival.
3) This allows the animal to reproduce more that also have this characteristic.
4) There are more animals that have this characteristic.

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Natural selection

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Natural selection

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Sexual selection
Sexual selection is different from natural selection, because the individual (often female) selects based on the appearance of the male.  

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Artificial selection
With artificial selection, selection is made by humans. This is often done in the food industry, for example. See page 219. 

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Get to work!
The homework for next week are the exercises on page 34 of your textbook (plus the exercises in the text book its referring to). You can work on them quietly. 

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