What are you like - Unit 1

Have a guess! What do you think it is?
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Have a guess! What do you think it is?

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It's an escalator 

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What are we going to do today?
  • CAE book (Result)not yet available (Unit 1 is a pdf in your gmail!)
  • Talk about the CAE exam
  • Quizlet vocabulary cards  (link in gmail)
  • Unit 1 - What are you like? 

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My worst job!

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What are you like?
  1. In pairs  compare your ideal job and make a list of qualities that you think may be necessary for the jobs that you have chosen,  e.g. designer: You'd have to be pretty creative and innovative.

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2. Do the quiz, ( first make sure that you understand the meaning of the phrasal verbs in the text). 
3. Look at page 153 to work out your scores.

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We are not going to do the reading task in this Unit!
We  will learn the vocabulary: Cards in Quizlet

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Homework for next week
Vocabulary: Use Quizlet cards and then do the: 
Character adjectives exercises
Exercises 1 and 2- page 12

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Next lesson:
Grammar: Review of the tenses 

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Homework (For next week)
Character adjectives
Exercises 1 -4 on page 12
Try and practice the unit vocabulary with the Quizlet cards 

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