Block 1 Revision

Block 1 Revision
English Language and Literature
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Block 1 Revision
English Language and Literature

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What are we going to do?
- Literature
- Grammar
- Reading

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To get a good grade, you have to "PEE" on your answers...
Point - Make your point
Explain - Explain/clarify what you mean
Evidence - Use evidence from the text to support your argument

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Khushwant Singh

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Describe Lachmi
What is her personality like? What does she do during the story? How is her relationship with her husband?

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How does Mr. Mohan try to impress the English soldiers? Name at least 2 things.

Slide 6 - Open question

Happy Endings
Margaret Atwood

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Do you think the stories have different endings? Why (not)?

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What part of a story matters to Atwood? How do you know?

Slide 9 - Open question

Indian Education
Sherman Alexie

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The title "Indian Education" refers here to more than just formal schooling. What are some other implications of the title?

Slide 11 - Mind map

In paragraph 15 Alexie writes that his teacher said of him and his parents" 'Indians, indians, indians' ... without capitalization." What is his point?

Slide 12 - Open question

Odyssey of a Wop
John Fante

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The narrator doesn’t like the word Wop. Why not?

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What do you think is the moral of the story?

Slide 15 - Open question

Toni Morrison

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Why does the marriage between Sweetness and her husband end?

Slide 17 - Open question

What is the main issue this story confronts?
relationships between mothers and daughters
inter-racial love during the 1940s
racism in the Southern United States
light-colored vs dark-colored skin in the African American community

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Compare and Contrast

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Pick two stories with a similar theme. How are they similar? Are there differences as well?

Slide 20 - Open question