Culture, history and geography of the ESW

  • Presentations
  • Reading practise.

  • Aim: Improve speaking skills, cultural and historical knowledge and vocabulary. 
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This lesson contains 12 slides, with interactive quizzes, text slides and 1 video.

time-iconLesson duration is: 45 min

Items in this lesson

  • Presentations
  • Reading practise.

  • Aim: Improve speaking skills, cultural and historical knowledge and vocabulary. 

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Do you know what "shrinkflation" is? Can you name an example?

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Discuss, decide and give your reasons.
You work for a dried pasta company. Your costs have increased by around 20% in the past six months. So far, the company has accepted the losses, but now you have to make a decision.
Will you:
a. increase the cost of a 500g box of pasta by 20%,
b. reduce the amount of the pasta in a box to 400g and keep the price as it is?

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What choice did you make and why?

Slide 5 - Open question

  • Presentations ESW assignment today.

  • Creative Speaking Assignment; Create your own speaking exam.

  • Lesson aims: Improve English skills and broaden your knowledge on a country of choice. 

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  • For the audience: Give feedback on the following:
    - Use of language; grammar, vocabulary and fluency.
    - Content.
    - Two tops, one tip.
  • Let's present! 

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Create your own speaking exam
  • Have a look at your handout and the example online together.
  • You can download the document from the Padlet and make it your own. Work in pairs!
  • Create one exam together. We will rotate your exams next week to practise.

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Is 'shrinkflation' a sneaky or clever business strategy?
  • Start at ex. 3. Write down the words you don't know in the Padlet. (link in Magister)
  • Do ex. 4, 5, 6 & 7 after reading. 
  • Check your answers in pairs first, then get an answersheet.
  • The research assignment (8) is optional for people that did the presentation today.

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End of class
  • Next week: Round off 'shrinkflation' assignment. 
  • Add your newly found words to the Padlet.
  • See you next week!

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  • Do research on an English speaking country of choice. Each country can be chosen once. Cover at least the following subjects:
    - History (settlement, colonies, indigenous people etc.)
    - Politics (how is it governed?)
    - Culture (food, habits, traditions and holidays and their origin)
    - Geography (climate, inhabitants, national parks etc.)
    - A short quiz afterwards for the group about your presentation.
    - Use advanced vocabulary in your presentation! (Use Padlet)

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  • United States, Australia, England, Scotland, Wales, Canada or Ireland.
  • One of the less common ones: New Zealand, Jamaica, Singapore, India or any other English speaking country you want to know more about.
  • Include a short video (max. 5 min.) in your presentation.
  • Let me know which one you choose before starting.
  • Let's work on your presentation for 2 - 3 lessons and start presenting after 3 lessons.
  • Each group member speaks for 2 - 3 minutes.

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