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AardrijkskundeMiddelbare schoolhavo, vwoLeerjaar 2

This lesson contains 10 slides, with interactive quiz and text slides.

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  1. Getting to know each other.
  2. Expectations & Rules
  3. What do we remember from last schoolyear

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Getting to know each other
  • Ms. van den Akker
  • AKR in magister
  • J.vandenakker@
  • No online classes

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Getting to know each other
Form a line of students from the door to the window in order of where you went on holiday.

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Class Rules
  • Homework in magister, will be randomly checked every lesson. 
  • Hand in assignments on time, if not your grade will be lowered. 
  • No phones, unless you're asked to use them by your teacher.
  • Be respectful of your classmates and teacher.

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What do you expect from geography in year 2? (topics, difficulty, tests?)

Slide 6 - Open question

What topics can you expect.
  1. Diversity in South-Africa (Test+P.O.)
  2. Rivers (Test + P.O.)
  3.  Environment (Test)
  4. Demographics and economy in China (Test)

A total of 6 grades throughout the schoolyear!

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What do you remember from last schoolyear?

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Draw a table in your notebook using the 4 geographical dimensions.  Write down everything you remember from the last school year in the correct dimension.  

(Some topics might fit into multiple dimensions)

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