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Think of a caption using a modal verb
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Think of a caption using a modal verb

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Modal Verbs

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The ten modal verbs are:
can         could
may        might
shall         should    ought
will          would

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These five verbs and expressions act in the same way:
be able to          have to           need to

be supposed to            be allowed to

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We use modal verbs to show if we believe something is certain, probable or possible (or not). We also use modals to do things like talking about ability, asking permission making requests and offers, and so on.
TIP: READ THE HELP WITH GRAMMAR page 130 Modal Verbs section in your Student Book for the specific uses.

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Now upload an image for which you can use a modal verb in the caption of the image.

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  1. ______ I have a look at that new book, please?
2. You really ______make such a fuss about being late, nobody minds!
3. I hope we ______ find the classroom easily, the new school is very big.
4. We couldn't find a cheap flight so we ______  drive all the way to Spain in the car.
5. We'd love to ______ afford a new car, someday.

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 1. Could, request/permission
2. Shouldn't, advice -/or  mustn't, negative obligation
3. Can, ability
4. had to, obligation (expressing a fact)
5. be able to, possibility

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Modal: Should/Ought to

You really should visit the dentist.

Usage: Advice

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Modal: Should/Ought to.              Usage: Advice
Write a personal problem (keep it clean!) on a slip of paper. Do not write your name on the paper so the problems remain anonymous. Put them into the box and mix them up. Each student then chooses a problem and must write a piece of advice in response. Then they read out the problem and the answer.
Use modals which offer advice: Should and Ought

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which sentence(s) go with this image
people are not allowed to use this road
you must find another route to get to your destination
we may not use this road
people are not able to continue their journey on this road

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write down a caption for this image 'use a modal'

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