HVG3-EN-2122 Theme 2 - Week 49 - INSTRUCTION

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What do you remember about writing reviews?

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What do you remember about setting?

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What are we learning this week?

What is a plot diagram?
What does it have to do with my review?
How do I compare stories like a pro?

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What to expect today: 
Instruction plot diagram
Short story "The fun they had"
Writing exercise

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How many stages does the plot diagram have?
that depends on the story

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What was the climax in "The fun they had?"

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About characterization

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Direct & Indirect

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Did you find any characterization in "The fun they had"? Use terms like round, flat, static and dynamic

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Writing exercise 
Use the plot diagram to extend the ending of "The fun they had". Use Characterization to make one of the characters in the story a round character! You can decide if the character is static or dynamic! 

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