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Week 41, Lesson 3
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Week 41, Lesson 3

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Let's start with 5 minutes of reading in your Dutch book 

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Your goals

you can introduce yourself; 
you can react to someone who is introducing themself; 
you can ask someone questions about themself; 
you can tell someone about yourself

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Speaking exercises
(overview grammar Unit 1)

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do exercises 48-50 (speaking Unit 1.4)

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Challenge yourself
Have you finished your day tasks? 

Do Get Ahead exercises 1 and 2 (Unit 1.4). Afterwards you are allowed to move on to the next lesson, you may also read your English book or do reading texts in ReadTheory. 

Let me know if you are 2 weeks ahead.

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Looking back
These were your goals:
- you can introduce yourself;
- you can react to someone who is introducing themself;
- you can ask someone questions about themself;
- you can tell someone about yourself

Can you?...

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A little role play...
- introduce yourself to me (and I will introduce myself to you)
 - ask me questions about myself (and I will ask you some)

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Looking forward
Next lesson, we do a mock test to find out how much you have actually learned from Unit 1. Therefore,...
Study grammar, vocab and phrases Unit 1 (pp. 153-158); 
Do Practice More exercises if you would like to practice more :-)

The following slides give an overview of the grammar of Unit 1: they include my PPT slides but also youtube clips with instruction

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