3HV classes 1 and 2 week 36

Planning 3H week 36 class 1 
  • Lesson aims
  • Introduction materials P1 + warming up Stepping Stones U1
  • Working individually / in pairs
  • Checking your work
  • Social media profiles
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Planning 3H week 36 class 1 
  • Lesson aims
  • Introduction materials P1 + warming up Stepping Stones U1
  • Working individually / in pairs
  • Checking your work
  • Social media profiles

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Lesson aims
  • I have learned a selection of difficult new words by the end of this class
  • I have practised pronouncing these difficult words in English 
  • I have taken a look at the materials we'll be using in P1 for English

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Introduction materials P1 + warming up Stepping Stones U1

  1.  Stepping Stones books + website
  2. The study guide
  3. Introduction U1 --> What topics will this Unit cover?

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Working individually/in pairs - 10 min

First do ex. 3 and 4 on your own or in pairs
Make sure to talk softly while working in pairs

Finished? Work on ex. 1 and 2. You will need earplugs to work on this task.

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Pronunciation practice
Let's pronounce the Theme Words of U1 together.

The teacher will be giving turns, so pay close attention!

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Social media profiles
It's time to present yourselves!

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Planning 3H week 36 class 2
  • Lesson aims
  • Warming up: The Fortune Teller
  • Grammar explanation: The Future tense
  • Working individually
  • Checking your answers

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Lesson aims
Recap future tense knowledge from previous years​

I can recognize (and apply) the different future tenses
- future with will
                      - future with to be going to
                        - future with present simple
                                  - future with present continuous

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Warming up: The Fortune Teller
Instructions (1x listening):
After listening the teacher will
ask you some questions about
the video.

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The future: 4 forms
Be going to --> I am going to watch a movie with my parents after this.
Will + hele ww --> Oh wait, I will help you! 
Present Continuous --> I am flying to Bali this time next year.
Present Simple --> The plane departs at half past seven.

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Be going to + hele ww
Full form: am/is/are + going to + hele ww

1.1 Een beslissing die je al eerder gemaakt hebt.

Julie: There's no milk.
John: I know. I'm going to get some when this TV programme finishes.

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Be going to + hele ww
1.2 Toekomstige plannen.
Next summer I am going to spend a week in Brazil.

1.3 Een voorspelling gebaseerd op bewijs.
In the year 2016:
The Republicans are going to win the US presidential election. They already have most of the votes. 

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 Will + hele ww
Full form: will + hele ww

2.1 Een beslissing die je op dat moment maakt.

Julie: There's no milk.
John: Really? In that case, I'll go and get some.

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Will + hele ww
2.2 Een voorspelling zonder bewijs (gebaseerd op mening)

I think the Democrats will win the next election.

2.3 Een toekomstig feit

The sun will rise tomorrow.

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Will + hele ww
2.4 Belofte / iets aanbieden, aankondigen, besluit

I promise I will help you.
It will be the best party ever!

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Present Continuous
Full form: am/is/are + ww + ing
Toekomstige plannen waarvan datum/plek al vaststaat.

I'm meeting Jim at the airport. (met Jim besproken)
I am leaving tomorrow. (kaartje al gekocht)
We're having a class meeting on Monday. (al geïnformeerd hierover)

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Present Simple
Om te praten over vaste schema's (aankomst- en vertrektijden, begin- en eindtijden)

The train leaves at eight.
Our plane arrives in half an hour.
School starts at half past eight a.m.

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Working individually, 10 min
- Do ex 24 and 25 of Unit 1

- Question? Ask a classmate first, then ask the teacher.

- Afterwards work on Reading practice Unit 1: ‘The greatest music festival’ (+ do ex. 5 t/m 7) – check in week 37

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On Sunday at 8 p.m. all the shops (close).

Slide 20 - Open question

Recap: Future tense (quiz!)
9 questions - Enter the code to join the quiz.

Make sure you actively use whatever knowledge you have about the future tense already.

It is okay to make mistakes, just do your best

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They (to drive) to New York tomorrow morning. The trip has already been planned.

Slide 22 - Open question

I hope the weather (to be) nice.

Slide 23 - Open question

Take your umbrella with you. It (to rain).

Slide 24 - Open question

I offered him this job. I think he (to take) it.

Slide 25 - Open question

They (to fly) to Seattle next summer holidays.

Slide 26 - Open question

They (to play) cards this evening. They already booked a room.

Slide 27 - Open question

I (to invite) 50 people to the party and I hope everyone (to come).

Slide 28 - Open question

Look at the clouds - it (to rain) in a few minutes.

Slide 29 - Open question