Mexico's Centralist Period: Power and Politics

Mexico's Centralist Period: Power and Politics
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Mexico's Centralist Period: Power and Politics

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Learning Objective
Understand the key events and implications of Mexico's centralist period (1836-1850).

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What do you already know about the centralist period in Mexico's history?

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Introduction to Centralist Period
The centralist period in Mexico was marked by a shift towards centralized power and the struggle for political control.

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Mexican-American War
The Mexican-American War (1846-1848) significantly impacted Mexico during the centralist period.

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Political Tensions
Internal political tensions and conflicts characterized the centralist period, leading to power struggles and social upheaval.

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Centralization of Power
Centralization of power led to increased control from the central government over the regions, impacting local governance and autonomy.

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Economic Impact
The centralist policies had significant economic repercussions, affecting trade, agriculture, and the overall economic stability of Mexico.

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Resistance Movements
Various resistance movements emerged in response to the centralist policies, reflecting the opposition and struggle for regional autonomy.

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Legacy of the Centralist Period
The centralist period left a lasting impact on Mexico's political structure, regional dynamics, and societal development.

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Interactive Activity: Analyzing Primary Sources
Students will analyze primary sources, such as historical documents and political speeches from the centralist period, to gain insights into the perspectives of various stakeholders.

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Key Figures of the Centralist Period
Explore the roles and influence of key figures, such as Santa Anna and other political leaders, during the centralist period.

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Art and Literature of the Era
Art and literature of the centralist period reflect the social and political climate, offering valuable insights into the period's cultural expressions.

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Impact on Indigenous Communities
The centralist period had profound implications for indigenous communities, affecting their land rights, autonomy, and cultural identity.

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Reform Movements
Reform movements emerged as a response to the centralist period, advocating for political change and decentralization of power.

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Conclusion: Reflection and Discussion
Reflect on the centralist period and its lasting influence on Mexico's history, politics, and society.

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Assessment: Critical Analysis
Students will critically analyze the centralist period, evaluating its impact from political, economic, and social perspectives.

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