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The art of giving the perfect speech
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The art of giving the perfect speech

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1. To deliver a clear speech in English about a novel you have read. The focus should be on why you would recommend the book or not. Furthermore, you will be assigned a theme that you have to include in your speech (based on the theory of the short story). This could be an assignment on characters, or theme, or narrative etc.
2. To discuss how your novel is related to your citizenship theme (V6)

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Criteria for success
- Your main task is to say why one should or should not read the book.
- You pay attention to speaking skills (tone, speech rate, articulation etc.)
- You use prompt cards with keywords
- You pay attention to non-verbal factors (eye contact, gestures)
- Your speech contains an introduction, a body and a conclusion
- In your introduction you attract your audience’s attention with a question, an anecdote or a oneliner (not… “my speech is about”)
- Your information is presented clearly and the point you have made is easily understood
- Your speech contains information that comes from you, so do not summarize the book.
- The task assigned to you by your teachers is clearly included
- Your opinion is illustrated with examples from the book.
- Your choice of vocabulary is appropriate
- Your speech does not contain too many grammatical errors

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Elements of a perfect speech

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TED secrets
Watch the video and answer the questions in the next 2 slides.

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What is the most (only) important element of a good speech?

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What are the 4 tips to construct this good speech?

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Watch the following clips and make notes

Before the end of this lesson, you will all have given a one-minute speech. 

Your group will have given you feedback on your use of language, your pronunciation, your content and your presentation.

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Presentation and feedback
* Choose which clip each group member would like to present to the group
*Prepare a 1 minute presentation for your group
*Take turns in presenting
* Your group members will give you tips which you can then use to practice

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What feedback have your group mates given you?

Slide 11 - Open question

7 great presentation skills
Watch the video and mention the 7 elements

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What are the 7 presentation skills?

Slide 13 - Open question

1. Stand up and move around.
2. Speak out loud. 
3. Practice without the text.
4. Practice in the actual setting. 
5. Record yourself on video. 
6. Listen to an audio recording. 
7. Grab a test audience. 
8. Work with a coach.

Eight effective ways to practice your presentation

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Extra speaking assignments:
Work in pairs and provide each other with feedback.

- Hold a 1-minute speech on one of the citizenship themes. Which theme is important to you and why? Include examples. 

- Hold a 1-minute speech on an item that you have brought with you. Why is it important to you?

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Practice test
2-min speech on a movie you would recommend

1. Do a brainstorm on a movie that you really liked and why
2. Structure your speech (intro, body with theme/characters/music score/powerful fragments and a conclusion)
3. Write your prompt card
4. Speeches in class with feedback

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Still worried or nervous?
Watch this video for useful tips!

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