Present Continuous and Present Perfect Tense

Warming up 
-What am I doing ?
-You are V-ing
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EnglishSecondary EducationAge 11,12

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Warming up 
-What am I doing ?
-You are V-ing

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  Present Continuous Tense [to be V+ing]

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Present Perfect Tense
have/has Ved
I have already cleaned my room this week.
He has visited his grandparents this week.
Present Perfect Tense
have/has V3
I have never  seen this film .
I have just eaten.

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The 12th of February
The theme:
Present Continuous and Present Perfect Tenses

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1- 2 verb cards  -1 point
3-5 verb cards-2 points

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Present Continuous-short term
(to be V-ing)
Present Perfect- long term
(have/has Ved/V3)
He is living in the village at the moment.
He __(live) in the village for a long time.
They are marrying today.
They __(marry) for 20 years.
We are studying at this school now.
We ___(study)at this school since 2021.
She is working at hospital now.
She ____(work) as a doctor all her life.
I am learning English.
I__(learn) English since the 5th class.

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I have known my teacher since 2021
                                                      for 3 years.

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 Talking in pairs
-How long have you lived in Aktobe?
-I ___________________since...../for........

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-What are you doing at the moment?
-I am ________ing .

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