Humanities warm climates

Warm climates
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Warm climates

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What are we going to do today?
  • Recap theory weather/climate/latitudes
  • Instruction warm climates
  • Go to work in Learnbeat

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Which characteristic doesn't belong to the term 'weather'?
Big area

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What is climate? Or: what are the characteristics of climate?

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is the average weather for a long period (30 years) in a big area

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Important terms:
- Equator
- Northern hemisphere
- Southern hemisphere
- Tropic of Cancer
- Tropic of Capricorn

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Warm climates

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Climate zones
We can divide the earth in different climate zones. There are two general (algemene) zones:
- warm climates (in low latitudes)
- cold climates (in high latitudes)

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What is the correct answer? The closer to the equator the...
Colder the climates are
Warmer the climates are

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Write down the characteristics that fit
Use precipitation (regen)
Biodiversity (biodiversiteit), amount of types of lines (plants and animals)

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Tropical rainforest
high precipitation
high temperatures
high biodiversity

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Tropical Savannah climate
High temperatures
rainy and dry seasons
less biodiversity

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Hot steppe climate
High temperatures
mainly dry seasons
less biodiversity

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Dessert Climate
High temperatures
No precipitation
Low biodiversity
Water in oases

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Lesson 2: Warm climate zones

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