3.2 modal verbs speculation

Welcome, H3A
Need: SB and laptop.

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Welcome, H3A
Need: SB and laptop.

Rest on rack

Please take your seat & join LessonUp.

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Class Rules
Use English as much as possible --> Mistakes, no problem
Don't laugh at each other when making a mistake
Homework = whatever you don't finish
Have respect for each other
Speak with a soft voice when working together & be silent when working alone

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Have you done your homework
a.k.a watched the video?
Yes, I did and I understand.
Yes, I did but I want some extra instrution.
No, I didn't.

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At the end of this lesson
You know when to use which modal verb in the past and present.

Talk about these questions
1: What are modal verbs?
2: What modal verbs do you know/remember?

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Present tense: mv + verb

We know it's true (95-100% sure):
Thanks for cooking! I must say that
 this is delicious.

Something that's possibly true (50-50%):
Going to a Christmas market might be the best holiday activity ever.

Something we know isn't true:
A ten! That can't be right because I 
made a mistake.

Past tense: mv + have + past participle

Something we know was true:
Did you go bungee jumping? That must have been scary.

Something that was possibly true:
Sorry, mom. I may have eaten the last piece of chocolate.

Something we know wasn't true:
You saw Ms. Dangerfield on The Voice?? It couldn't have been her, she can't sing.
3.2 Modal verbs a.k.a. hulpwerkwoorden

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must be a strawberry
might be an orange but it could also be a mandarin
can't be a kiwi bc it's a veggie
= I'm sure it is...
= I'm sure it isn't...
= I think it's possible that it is...

Slide 6 - Sleepvraag

3.2 Modal verbs
Read 'Lion on the loose in Essex?' and complete ex 1 t/m 4 alone and quietly on page 34.

  • Next, rewrite the sentences
  • I'm sure it's a lion. --> must
  • It must be a lion.

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It's possible it escaped
from the zoo. (might)

Slide 8 - Open vraag

Perhaps it is very hungry
by now. (could)

Slide 9 - Open vraag

Perhaps it was
somebody's pet. (may)

Slide 10 - Open vraag

I'm sure it isn't a lion.

Slide 11 - Open vraag

Guess what?
Jamboard game - reveal parts of the image one by one.

On a piece of paper, speculate using the modal verbs = write sentences:
must, might, may, could, couldn't

after 5 blocks = first guesses
Extra practice

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Can you ...
... use modal verbs correctly?
... match the modal verb to the 
right situation?
... speculate in English?

TO DO: study 3.2
Use SB/MEL for extra practice + study Unit 3 words

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