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The past tenses
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The past tenses

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Past tenses
Used to describe moments and periods of time in the past. 

When Andrea arrived at work at 9:00 ...
... her secretary had opened the post.
.... her secretary was opening the post.
... her secretary opened the post. 

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Past simple
Form is the same for all people.
I / you / we / they / he / she / it + verb + ed / irregular verb
He left at three o'clock. 
They arrived three weeks ago.
She didn't finish on time yesterday. 
I didn't visit my parents last weekend. 
What time did the train leave?

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Past simple: use
1. Express a finished action in the past.
We met in 2000. 
I went to Manchester last week.

2. Actions that follow each other in a story.
Mary walked into the room and stopped. She listened carefully. She heard a noise coming from behind the curtain. 

3. A past situation or habit.  
When I was a child, we lived in a small house by the sea. 
I used to walk the dog every day. 

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Past perfect
Same for all persons.
I / you / we / they / she / he / it + had + past participle (irregular / verb + ed)

I hadn't seen him before. 
They had met before they saw each other at the party yesterday.

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Past Perfect: use
1. Used to show that one action happened before the other.
When I got home, I found that someone had broken into my apartment and had stolen my TV. 
2. Tells stories in a non-chronological order.
Past simple: Sue and Pete divorced last month. They were together for six years. They divorced last month. 
Past perfect: Sue and Peter divorced last month. They'd met at university. and had been together for six years. 

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Past perfect: use
3. When I got to the party, Peter went home.  
When I got to the party, Peter had gone home. 

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How many questions did you answer correctly

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How many questions did you answer correctly

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How many questions did you answer correctly

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