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Early Middle Ages
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Early Middle Ages

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Fall of West-Roman Empire
- 395 A.D, Roman Empire is split up.

- West- Roman Empire weakened by bad emperors and fight for power.

- Germanic slowly build their own kingdoms in Roman Empire.

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Fall of West-Roman Empire
- 476 AD, Germanic leader Odoacer defeats last emperor of Rome. 

- First Germanic king of Italy = fall of West-Roman Empire.

- East-Roman Empire survived until 1453.

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Beginning of Early Middle Ages
- Europe split up in different  Germanic kingdoms. 

- Frankish empire brought together under Clovis. 

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Germanic culture
- Warrior culture =fighting and booty are the way to achieve power. 

- Germanic people were only loyal to their own leader. 

- In exchange for loyalty vassal gets weapons, shelter, income and gifts from lord

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Frankish Empire
- Clovis converted to Christianity. 

- Church now supported Clovis in his wars. 

- Frankish Empire became biggest in Europe. 

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Frankish Empire
- When Clovis dies kingdom is divided over four sons. 

- This is called hereditary: Something that you inherit based on bloodline, such as land or a title.

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- Workbook: 
Page 106, Exercises  2, 4, 5, 6 and 8

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Which kingdom was ruled by Clovis?

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What was the direct cause of the fall of West-Roman empire?
A Germanic king took over power in Italy
The emperors fought for power
Christianity was made the state religion

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Name a motive Clovis had for converting to Christianity.

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How is a Germanic person who is loyal to his lord called?
A Christian
A vassal
A leader
A warlord

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