MTEC5: Making and cancelling appointments

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Making an appointment for a job interview:

Yo! I can come do the sollicatiegesprek on dundersday, yes?
Dit is een goede zin
Mooie en formele afspraak suggestie
Dit is geen goede zin maar kan door de beugel

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How do you make an appointment?

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At the end of this lesson, you'll be able to make and reschedule an appointment.

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How to make an appointment
Make sentences with:
  • Are you...
  • available/free on... / next...?
  • Can we...
  •  meet on... / next ...?
  • Would...
  • next ... be ok?

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What's important when making appointments?

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When making appointments, it's important to:
  1. Show that your time is important 
  • Professional attitude = transfer value
  1. Give date & time suggestions 
  • But not too many! (impression of not valuable)
  1. Respect their time
  • relaxed/informal approach = disrespect
  • Detail = valuing time

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Make an appointment with your client for a meeting about a new project.

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5-min break

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I cant kom to our scheduled meeting tomorrow fam, imma let you know when i can bro.

Is this a good sentence to cancel an appointment?
goeie zin man
Ik zou 'm ook zo schrijven

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How do you reschedule an appointment?

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What's important when rescheduling an appointment?
  • Give another time as a replacement
  • Give the reason why you cancel (if not private)
  • Apologize (not an obligation)

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How can I cancel my appointment with my teacher?

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Writing exercise: rescheduling an appointment

  • You have to include the following (make your own details):

  • Why you cannot come 
  • New date & time suggestion
  • Apology (up to you)

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At the end of this lesson, you'll be able to make and reschedule an appointment.

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