Btrr 5EIM unit 7 & 8 reported structures and (mixed) conditionals

Unit 7 Double lives
In this unit:
  • Reported verb pattern
  • Vocabulary: crime; war and peace
  • literature: John le Carre; learning words and expressions

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Unit 7 Double lives
In this unit:
  • Reported verb pattern
  • Vocabulary: crime; war and peace
  • literature: John le Carre; learning words and expressions

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5 EIM Unit 7 Read and Listen
  1. TB p. 54: ex. 1a, b and write down the difficult words and their meanings.
  2. Discussion Box in pairs or small groups

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Unit 7 vocabulary and grammar
  1. TB: 2a, b p. 55
  2. WB: 1a, b, c. p. 42

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Unit 7 Grammar: Reporting verb patterns
Explanation: (p. 92 WB)
There are verbs used to report what someone said: say, tell, promise, suggest, refuse, recommend, persuade, claim.
  • say; claim; argue; emphasise (and more) can be followed by that + clause
  • example: He claimed that he wrote the essay all by himself.
  • promise; refuse; offer (and more) are followed by  infinitive + to.
  • example: He was sent out, but he refused to go.

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Reporting verb patterns continued....
  • tell; encourage; advise; persuade are followed by pronoun + infinitive + to.
  • example: The doctor advised me to go and see a therapist for my knee.
  • suggest; deny;apologise for; confess to are followed by a gerund.
  • example: John hotly denied stealing the phone from the table.
  • See p. 92 in your WB for examples. YOU NEED TO LEARN THESE VERBS AND PATTERNS BY HEART!!!!

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  1. TB: p. 55/56: ex. 3a,b,c, and d. + Study: Get it Right (p.117)
  2. WB: p. 43: ex. 2a,b,c

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Unit 7 Vocabulary: War and Peace
  1. Complete the table in the bookwidget:
  2. TB: p. 56/57: ex. 5, 6a,b , 7b
  3. WB: p. 44 ex 3. b,c. 
  4. Study Vocabulary Bank p. 112

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Literature in Mind
  1. TB: p. 58/59: ex 8,b,c,d,e
  2. WB: study Grammar Reference p. 92 unit 7 and bookwidget
  3. WB: p.45: William Boyd ex. 4a,b,c,d AND study the words and their definitions.
  4. WB: p. 47: Unit Check
  5. Questions about this unit?
  6. What do you think?

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5 EIM Unit 8 Going it alone
In this unit:
  • Grammar: mixed conditionals
  • alternatives to if
  • Vocabulary: time expressions

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Short biography Ghandi

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  • Go to 5EIM unit 8 TB: ex. 1a, b, c, d
  • Do ex 2 in pairs or small groups
  • Go to 5EIM WB unit 8: Do ex. 1 in pairs or small groups

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5 EIM Unit 8 Grammar: mixed conditionals
  1. What was the second conditional again? The construction is...............
  2. What was the third conditional again? The construction is...............
quick explanation mixed conditionals
schedule conditionals

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  • If I had millions of pounds, I would give it all to charity. (This is about a hypothetical past and it is a view in the future; 2nd conditional - future tense)
  • If I hadn't eaten all that chocolate, I wouldn't have been sick. (This is about a hypothetical past and it is mixed with the future tense; 3rd conditional - future tense)

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Mixed conditionals Continued
Sometimes we refer from some experience (in the past), but realise the result is still the case: it is a fact.

If you smile at my sister, she goes red. (general fact, present, future)
If he doesn't come soon, I will give him a call. (future)

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More examples
  • If I hadn't eaten all that chocolate(past), I wouldn't feel sick now.(present)
  • If I had millions of pounds (present), I would't have had to work (past)
  • TASK: Go to TB unit 8 ex 3: Look for examples in the text on p.60. Work in pairs or small groups. Answer the following questions:

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Questions: answers with mixed conditionals in the text.
  1. Does he still live in his old house? (No, because...)
  2. Has he learned a lot about nature and wildlife? (Yes, because......)
  3. Did he give up money? (Yes, because.....)
  4. Does he now have friendships based on money? (No, because....)

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  • Go to TB unit 8 p. 61 ex. 3a, b
  • Go to WB unit 8 p. 48 ex 2a,b,c
  • Work in small groups or pairs: go to unit 8 TB ex 4a
  • Listen to the exercise 4b,c and do the questions 

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  1. Go to TB p. 62: Do ex 5a,b
  2. Go to WB p.49 ex 3a,b,c
  3. learn vocabulary bank p.113
  4. learn the irregular verbs by heart

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unit 8 grammar: Alternatives to if
Try to write down your own example of each conditional

Go to TB unit 8 p. 63 ex 6a. Look at the sentences 1-6 and the highlighted (underscored) words.
schedule conditionals

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Keys on ex 6a TB unit 8
  1. #I: sentences 1, 3 and 5: I really don't mind it, if it isn't for an... time; If I got home after lunch and .....that 'll be OK.......clock; I reckon being alone is never really a bad thing, if you've got
  2. #II: 2. I'd just have to phone someone. If I didn't I would go crazy.; 4. If you were spending a day without seeing anyone, how woud you survive?; 6. I couldn't go to the cinema on my own if it wasn't a film I really wanted to see.
  3. What happended in the sentences at #II?

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Examples on ex 6b
To clarify the meaning of each of the alternatives to if there are some definitions:
  • on condition that ( look for 2 answers) 
  • if things had been different (1 answer)
  • put yourself in this situation (look for 2 answers)
  • except under the circumstances that (1 answer)
  • Work in pairs or in small groups: TB ex 6b,c,d,e. Study Get it Right p. 118
  • WB p.50 ex 4, 5a,b,d TB unit 8 p. 64 ex 8a,b,c.d
  • Do TB Check Your Progress p. 67 and WB Unit Check p. 53

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