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Begin with the End in Mind
This will be a NO creative group assignment. But there will be a comparative essay. Your Group Notes and your collaboration will be a formative grade. What is important is that you use your knowledge and opinions on Utopias and Dystopias and show that you have read, seen and thought about the themes in the different texts.

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Success criteria Formative
Group Work
Individual Assignments
Having an opinion on the themes in your novel
Annotating your book when you see something interesting
Thinking about SCASI 
Researching and understanding secondary sources. 

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  • Keep a word list in  your notebook of words and phrases you come across in the novel, articles, reader etc
  • Annotate your novels
  • Make notes using SCASI
  • Discuss your ideas with your peers and make notes on this as well. Make sure you answer the questions

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1. Creative Poster 
2. Socratice Seminar (Formative)
3. Comparative Essay 

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Tentative Timing 2023
Read the books and finish the weekly assignments at home and finish by March 7th
March 9th: each group hands in their proposal for task  
April 3rd: tasks handed in/presented in class 
April 3rd - week of Socratic Seminars
NB – The winter break and test week are during
this project. Make sure you plan. In the week before the
Test week we will work on test practice in class.
If you fail to plan - you plan to fail 

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List in order of choice which THREE novels you would like. Number them.

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